Tangle Creek Falls
Tangle Creek Falls
Tangle Creek Falls

Tangle Creek Falls

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Michael is constantly sketching and doodling in his notebook; it goes with him everywhere! From these rough sketches he will cut pieces of steel that will form the layers of the art. On these layers he will do a chalk drawing of various shapes. Once perfected the way he likes he will then cut the image by hand with an oxy-acetylene torch or hand-held plasma cutter. This allows him to work detail into the images without worrying about the metal heating up and warping. He then builds out his scenes with combinations of various metals, grinding techniques, painting, etching and tempering. The brilliant colors of greens and blues etc are a self-taught technique of essentially opening the pores of the metal and getting the color to absorb into it. That way the metal will still reflect light and show off the grinding marks. 

-# of Layers: five
-Colors: black, silver, white, green & teal
-Metals used: steel & aluminum
-Size: 46.5" wide by 32.5" tall

Each piece of Michal Perks art comes with a set of Monkey Hooks to hang on drywall. The Monkey Hooks are simple to install and are rated for more than double what the average weight an MP art piece is.

**All Michael Perks Pieces are available for pick-up at our gallery 2km West of Okotoks or we will deliver within a 100km radius of Okotoks, AB. For Shipping please contact us directly so we can work out an appropriate crate and shipping estimate.  Shipping costs are not included in price.

Given the individual sizes, shapes, and weights of each art piece we offer two options for shipping:

  • Pick up at our gallery
  • We will contact you to organize your shipping

At checkout, we will get your shipping information and will contact you after the purchase.

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